Noooooo! It’s Really Almost Over

Friday, July 26, 2013

I cannot believe we are going back to America tomorrow. We had the most incredible time and it’s so weird it’s coming to an end. We had our presentations and Lisa and I presented about all the food we had throughout the trip. Lisa and I thought it was fitting because we literally ordered the exact same dish at every restaurant. Our entire group had a last coffee together. We had to say goodbye to Malvina and Marketa and it was so sad! They were seriously the best teachers ever and we really learned a lot from them. We all separated after lunch and Lisa and I walked around town for our last time. We went to this cute restaurant called “Wigwam.” We got to eat outside in the garden. It was so beautiful and we experienced our last cheap lunch in Prague. We went back to the Lennon Wall and a little bit of our paintings were still there. After, we walked over the Charles Bridge one last time and picked up a few souvenirs. Lisa and I had to go home to pack so we made our way back to the dorm. Our our way we saw a little parade. The performers were playing this weird gong-like instrument that sounded like construction work.

We all packed up and decided to go downtown around 5. Katie, Lisa, Maddy, and I went by the national museum and then headed to the church by Riegrovy Sady Park. We waited here for a little and just hung in the park. Our Czech friends met up with us and we went to dinner around the corner at a Mexican place called “Zluta Pumpa.” It was delicious. It was Lisa’s birthday and our Czech friends were so cute to help her celebrate. Our friend Michal even gave her a rose! I’m really going to miss all our new friends. Our Czech friend Katie was the cutest thing because she came home early from camp just to say goodbye to us. She even brought me a homemade shirt from camp since I gave her a Ridge’s Stitches tank. I couldn’t believe it! It was the nicest thing ever. We all finished up dinner and went to the top of the park. There was an incredible lookout point where we could see all of Prague. It was a perfect way to end our trip with all the Czech kids. We saw these boys playing guitar so Katie S. and I conspired to get them to play “Happy Birthday” for Lisa. She had no idea it was coming and they had no idea how to play the song. We all still sang and clapped. At the end everyone was whistling for her and the whistling went on for another 2 or 3 minutes! We said goodbye to the people with the early flight and Lisa, Jackie, Maddy, Honza S., Honza M., Katie S., Michal, and I went to the Alibi bar. We danced and drank to celebrate Lisa’s 21st! We were so tired and knew we had a long day ahead of us so we went home somewhat early. We all had to say bye but hopefully we will see all of them soon!










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