I cannot believe our trip is coming to an end. It’s our second to last day and I just want to stay in Europe. I’ll have to come back ASAP! We had our lecture on architecture this morning. It was interesting to hear of the multiple styles used in the Czech Republic. We made plans to go to Terezin, the concentration camp nearby. Katie B., Maddy, Lisa, Jackie, Riley, Taylor, and I stopped at Bohemia Bagel for lunch. We were so excited to have this one more time but Maddy and I got a little ticked when we realized our drink was about the same price as our food. Taylor and Riley decided not to go so we got on the train to head to the bus. We made it to the Florence train station and the woman at the ticket counter told us we had two more stops ahead of us. We had already been rushing so it was nerve-racking to catch the 1:30 bus. We made it just in time and took the bus to Terezin. We started off with the museum. Definitely go through the small fortress first because we didn’t have much time to see it at the end. It was very interesting to see the camp. Depressing, but it was something people should take the time to see. We waited in line for the bus and Katie found two baby kittens to play with in the meantime.

We got back downtown and grabbed a bite to eat from a small stand in Wenceslas Square. We should have taken Czech Katie’s advice: It was not that great! We got home and made plans to go out to U SUDU. It was a really cool underground bar with tunnels. It seemed to go on forever. We hung out there for a while and then made our way to Duplex. It was a super trendy club but way too expensive so we left and went to Nebe one last time. We all danced and had an awesome time.











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