Wednesday, July 24, 2013

We got to class this morning and we were dead tired. We learned about Romania and how the people are treated unfairly in multiple countries throughout Europe. After class, we walked around and saw inside the Prague Castle. It was so beautiful inside and the stained glass was magnificent! Marketa led us on a little tour through Prague while we made our way to the Kafka museum. It was very interesting. We finished up at the museum and then went to lunch at this place called, “Pay the Weight.” It was a vegetarian Indian place in which you pick out how much you’d like to eat and then pay by weight. It was delicious. We went back home and took a nap. When we woke up, Jackie and Lisa wanted to head downtown to go to Zara. Katie B., Maddy, and I were still getting ready so we hung back and decided to meet them. When we got downtown, it was difficult to find Lisa and Jackie so us three ended up just going to dinner at Fish and Chips again. We luckily sat outside under an umbrella because it started to rain. It was peaceful and relaxing to sit in the rain as we ate our meal. It really started to pour on our walk home so we rushed to the train. On our walk back we ran into Jackie and Lisa. I recognized Jackie walking out of a small ice cream shop so we shouted to them and met up with them for the walk home. We passed by Wenceslas Square and there was a movie playing in the middle. They had a giant TV screen and people sat on the ground just watching the show. We made the train and got home right as a few others were going out for the night.









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