Party Animals

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

We had class this morning and then went to lunch at this place called, “Grand Cafe Orient.” We were going to go to the museum of cubism below but it was closed. The cafe followed the cubism theme and it was very adorable. I had salmon for lunch and a homemade lemonade. It was delicious. Our plans for after lunch were to go to the peacock park and clock tower. We asked Malvina and she suggested we go to the zoo. She said it is one of the best zoos around. We got there and went to this garden across the street. The garden had a magnificent orange and white building with groomed shrubs and fountains all over. We walked through it for a while and then decided to go to to the zoo. The zoo was so cool. Dogs were charged to go into the zoo but people over 70 were only charged one crown! There were birds, monkeys, elephants, peacocks and more! We even saw people playing with the turtles. We also saw a tiny cute baby gorilla with his mom and siblings. We spent the entire day here and then went to the Milk Bar. This was a place suggested to us for a good milkshake. The shakes were good but made with yogurt so it tasted more like yogurt than a shake. Maddy, Taylor, and Katie B. decided to go straight to “Yes Burger!” This is where we were planning to eat dinner.

Jackie, Lisa, Riley, and I finished up at the Milk Bar and left for Yes Burger! Jackie went home but the rest of us got there with ease. We could only find a place called “Tom’s Burgers.” It was actually the same place just renamed. We looked inside and couldn’t find the other girls. We decided just to eat and assumed they found somewhere else to eat instead. The waiter there was funny and kept making fun of the way we said “dêkuji,” which means thank you. We finished up and then went home to get ready for the night. Katie, Taylor, and Maddy weren’t even there when we got back. When they finally got home, they told us they went to Yes Burger too but a different one than the one we went to. We all thought it was a great place to eat.

We hung out at our dorm for a while and then Katie, Lisa, Maddy and I went downtown to Roxy’s. It was so fun. We met this older lady and her husband who were celebrating their 25th wedding anniversary in a club in Prague. They kept saying they were more fun than their kids and we just kept laughing. We were all sitting there and our London friends from the train just showed up. They recognized us and we hung out with them for the rest of the night. We got to meet some more people in their hostel from other countries so that was super fun. We all danced and had a good time.20130726-104726.jpg20130726-104905.jpg20130726-104928.jpg20130726-104941.jpg20130726-104954.jpg20130726-105005.jpg20130726-105019.jpg20130726-105033.jpg20130726-105048.jpg20130726-105106.jpg20130726-105112.jpg20130726-105130.jpg20130726-105145.jpg20130726-105205.jpg20130726-105221.jpg20130726-105541.jpg





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