Ironic Encounters

Monday, July 22, 2013

We are now back in our beautiful dorm. At least now we have warm water again! We had class this morning and learned about the communist regime in Cuba. It was very interesting because the Czechs went through this as well. They are really trying to help out the people in Cuba. We went to the Jewish Quarter after class. We saw a few synagogues and the Jewish cemetery. Over 100,000 bodies were buried here because it was one of the only places where Jewish people could be buried. The tombstones were stacked one on top of the other and it was so crowded. It’s sad they were only able to be hurried here. We walked into a building that had all the names of the people killed in the Holocaust written on the wall. We went upstairs and children’s drawings were all over the walls. It was sad to see how the children expressed their experiences with the Holocaust. We left the building and went to lunch at this American-like place in the Jewish Quarter. It was weird because you could pay in US dollars or Czech crowns. We went back to the Jewish Quarter and went through 2 synagogues. The architecture was beautiful. Maddy, Jackie, and I left to go to to the small shops around the Jewish Quarter. We took a tram back by our school and went to the bookstore nearby. It was so big and cute inside.

We went home and then went to dinner at a place called Fish and Chips. It was a cute London themed place. There were photos of the Beatles and English movies playing on TV. The inside was covered in black and white tile all over the floors, counters, and walls. Half of the group went to a punk-rock concert recommended to us in class. Katie B., Maddy, Jackie, Lisa and I made plans to go to a bar called “Golden Tree” or “Zloty Strom.” We had some time to kill before we thought it would get fun so we walked down one of the bridges to get a nice view of Prague at night. We kept walking down the bridge and across the river to a floating dock to the left of the dock. All of a sudden Václav and Honza S. came out of nowhere. They said they thought there was a chance we would be sitting on the dock so they went to check there. We weren’t so they decided to walk on. It was so crazy because we were literally on our way to that exact spot. We sat there for a while just taking in the view. We asked the boys if they still thought it was beautiful or just used to it because they’ve lived here their whole life. Václav replied with, “yes but think about a long time girlfriend. At first you’re like wow, so beautiful and then after a while you’re just ehh.” We all laughed and then decided to make our way to Golden Tree. It wasn’t that crowded inside but it seemed to go on forever. The place was so big but cool inside. Mike, Katy, Paige, Riley, Taylor, and Anthony met up with us after the concert so it was fun to spend Mike’s last night all together. We all left and Maddy and I wanted to still stay out. Honza and Václav walked around with us for a while but we ended up not finding anywhere that would be fun. We decided to go home and we actually got home before the rest of the group.















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