Wait, We’re Going to a Giant Bath

Saturday, July 20, 2013

We woke up and went to Oktogon Bistro for brunch. Even Anthony made it up after his 21st birthday last night! Oktogon Bistro wasn’t serving breakfast food anymore so we got lunch food instead and then headed to the Gellert baths. Budapest is known for its traditional Turkish baths left here when the Turks took over the city. The baths are built around hot springs and the center is usually a thermal pool. The detail on the tile work in these baths is remarkable. They are literally giant heated pools. Individuals are given a watch-like bracelet that allows for entry and locking the locker. There are five baths inside Gellert and two outside all at a different temperature. Some even have water spouts you can sit under that massage your shoulders. Others periodically turn into a wave pool. Some are actually cold pools, which is so nice on a hot day. They are so relaxing and the water is filled with magnesium, calcium, sulphate-chloride, hydrogen-carbonate, fluoride ions, and sodium. We hung out here pretty much all day and some people went home to get ready for a nice dinner. Maddy, Riley, Taylor, Katie B., Lisa and I stayed back for a little to catch a few extra rays. We went to Kiado Kocsma to celebrate Anthony’s birthday today and Paige’s birthday since we will be on the train for hers tomorrow. It was so good. I would recommend the Langos dish!

I could not control my excitement for the evening plans. We decided to go back to another bath and participate in the Sparty. It is a giant party at the Szechenyi Baths every Saturday night in the summer! It was literally a huge gathering of international people in a 200 meter hot tub. We were all dancing and swimming. Katie B., Maddy, and I met these boys from Amsterdam who convinced us that we needed to go there and visit. Anthony and Paige had the coolest 21st birthday just partying in a bath with people all over the world. We even found our Irish friend, Lauren and danced with her for a while. Maddy and I went to grab a drink so we decided this was the perfect opportunity to snap a few pictures of this extravagant event we were enjoying. We wished so bad we could get a picture of us but it was so wet everywhere. We thought this until we saw this random couple come up to us and begged us to take a photograph on my phone? What? He then proceeded to write down his name so I could tag him in the picture on Facebook. Hey, at least they took a picture of us then! So funny. We kept dancing all night and around 3 a.m., the lifeguards started getting everyone out of the pool. They kept whistling and shining flashlights on all the people who didn’t get out right away. This was the coldest and loudest bars closed I have ever experienced as we waited to get inside to our lockers. There was another boy there with a group of friends for their stag party. He was wearing a crown so we all kept thinking it was his birthday just like Paige. I even got him to give her a smooch on the cheek. She was so mad at me. We got a cab home and then stayed up just enjoying the night view of the city. Katie, Jackie, Taylor, Lisa and I couldn’t sleep so we sat our on the porch waiting for the sunrise. All of a sudden Mike ran outside and said, “hey, so some guy just came in and peed all over Katie’s bed so we have to do something about this.” We all just burst out in laughter and then realized we had to go in to help Mike out. The guy who did it was actually staying there and Katie was extremely happy she wasn’t sleeping already! What a rude awakening that would have been!! We figured it out and shared beds for the night and then Katie got some money back the next morning. The girl working at the hostel felt so bad but we knew it was nothing she could have controlled. We watched the sun come up and then headed to bed shortly after. We leave around 3 tomorrow so hopefully we will get some activities done in the morning.


So many bracelets and the cool bath watch
























The random couple





Paige’s stag lover


Budapest at 4 a.m.


Budapest 5 a.m.


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