Can We Please Stay?

Sunday, July 21, 2013

It was our last morning in Budapest for now. I’m so sad to be leaving but excited to go back to Prague. I really wish we had more time to see more of Budapest. I am definitely coming back! People are so nice here and the city is absolutely beautiful. The night life is so different than anything I’ve ever experienced and I love it. We all split up this morning so we could do any last minute things we wanted to do in Budapest. Lisa, Jackie, Riley, Taylor, Katie B., Maddy, and I went to this cute breakfast place called Muvesz. It was just what we needed. We then walked through this cute street that was lined with trees and little Christmas lights. It was so pretty. Maddy, Jackie, and I separated from the group and went towards the baths and Gellert Hill. Jackie ran in to check if her phone could possibly be at the baths since she lost it there yesterday. It sadly did not turn up. We then hiked up the hill. I think you can take a bus but we decided to go for it all. The view was totally worth the hot and sweaty hike! It only took us about 15 minutes. Gellert Hill is the most famous and most popular lookout in Budapest. You could literally see the entire city of Budapest and it was sunny and gorgeous. We ran into Mike, Katy J., Paige, Anthony, and Anthony’s friend we met last night, Ragen! It was so funny we saw them at the top of the hill. We also saw the Citadella. I loved this view so much and since I’m part Hungarian, it really hit home taking in the view of this beautiful city.

We climbed down and saw the church in the cave called Sziklatemplom Cave Church. It was so cool and fascinating. I couldn’t believe church was held in a cave. Grandpa, you definitely need to check this one out when you go in September! Mass is still held at this church today. We left and walked across the green bridge. We found this cute ice cream place called Lavender. Everything was painted lavender and it looked adorable. We were running late so we couldn’t get anything but it was still really cute. We got back to the hostel to pick up our bags and then headed to the train station. Our train was delayed an hour and we lost track of time a bit. I looked at our delay and realized we had 5 minutes to catch the train. As we were running toward the train, the doors began to shut. Someone held them and we all got on a random car but decided it was better to walk through the car instead of outside. The train didn’t end up leaving for another 10 minutes but we still were happy to be sitting down in our seats. There were so many sunflower fields scattered from country to country on our way back. We all relaxed in the train and then Maddy, Katie B., and I went to dinner in the dinning car. We met these boys from London named Sam and Josh. They are also going to Prague and wanted to go out with us tonight so we made plans to meet them downtown. We got home super late and the trains had already stopped running so we ended up taking a night off. Back to school tomorrow!



















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