Czech Out Our Chip Campaign

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Today we started our first day of our internship. We are working for McCann-Erickson, a very big worldwide advertising company. Our client is Intersnack. I am really excited for this client because I think it will be fun to do a campaign in the food industry. It will be a lot of work because we have to create a full campaign. We have to come up with tons of different advertisements, the full explanation, and give a final presentation. All by next Friday!!

Our office is in the center of downtown Prague. It is cool to be working in a real life business situation. I didn’t really know what to expect coming into this program and I have been very satisfied so far. The office has a balcony with a beautiful view of the entire city and the castle we saw yesterday. The office also allows dogs!! How cute? The Czech employees think it’s a good idea for the dogs to be able to hang out with their owners all day instead of sitting at home. I definitely need to bring this idea back to America.

We were given a presentation in the morning from our advisor Sandy. He is so fascinating because he has worked in both Prague and Japan throughout his career. He really has a worldwide view of the industry and has given us so much insight. After he finished his presentation, a woman from McCann-Erickson spoke to us about the McCann brand and the Czech advertising community. We then had a break for lunch. As we were walking to lunch, we saw this crazy television tower. There were these random steel babies crawling up the tower. We all went to this awesome Vietnamese restaurant for lunch with Sandy and the Czech kids. It was very tasty. After lunch, we sat in the park for a little and enjoyed the scenery before heading back to the office.

Once we got back to the office, we were briefed by Intersnack. This is where the work really kicked in. We have to create a campaign for Senza chips, a branch off the Bohemia brand. They are creating a new line called “Senza Brazil.” I had never heard of these chips before today because Bohemia chips are a European brand. Bohemia chips are a brand that is very prevalent to the Czech community but our challenge is to create a campaign that resonates with the youthful, adventurous consumer. We were divided into two teams, the blue team and the red team. There are 11 kids on each team, half Czech and half American kids! Out of the 5 of us who went to Paris, Jackie, Katie, and I are on the blue team and Lisa and Maddy are on the Red team. The winning team can potentially have their advertisement used in the Czech Republic! Time will tell next Friday morning. We left work and decided to all grab a beer and sit in the park before figuring out what we were up to for the rest of the night. We convinced a few of the Czech kids to go out with us tonight and our big night is going to be Thursday for the 4th of July. We are going to show them how the land of the free gets down!

We went home, got ready, and grabbed dinner at a nearby pizzeria before heading to the city center for the night. Anthony, Taylor, Lisa, Katie B, Katy J, Maddy, Mike, Riley, Paige, Jordan, and I all met up with Honza, Lenka, and Vaclav and went to a pub downtown. This was our first time out and first time seeing the city at night. It was beautiful! It was really fun, but we were extremely appalled when there was a TV show of a woman stripping down as she gave the nightly news report. What the heck?! We left and decided to go to Nebe, a club nearby! We were some of the first people there because the clubs do not get hoppin’ until about midnight or 1 in the morning. We all had so much fun just dancing together as a big group. Vaclav definitely won the award for best dancer of the night. He was killin’ it on the dance floor as he completely let loose. We were shocked/impressed while he kept a completely straight face as he convulsed to the beat. Lenka was so sweet and gave us perfect directions to get home on the night bus every half hour past 1:20! Maddy and I talked to the bartender and got the coolest prizes. She was given a paper rose and I was given these guitar shades. I will NEVER lose them! Maddy’s rose fell apart in about 20 seconds and she was suddenly just carrying a napkin around.

We left the bar after hearing our traditional American song of “Hit Me Baby One More Time” by Britney Spears. On our bus ride home, we thought we were supposed to get off about three times. As we got on and off the bus for the second time, all the passengers laughed at us and said, “Back again?” We finally got to our stop and made it home. I am so glad we had such a fun night. Lisa was even happier with her night as she announced, “I am never NOT going clubbing again!”




















2 thoughts on “Czech Out Our Chip Campaign

  1. senza chips ??? are they like potato chips ? how fun of a night with valcav ? is he john travolta ? omg , i hope you documented that !!! interesting in this campaign of the chips… want to hear more. have fun be safe. xoxo mom

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