Culture Shock

Sunday, June 30, 2013

Today we met all of the Czech students. When we got to the airport, we couldn’t find them at first but we finally did after walking past them about 2 or 3 times. The Czech kids are so nice and they kept offering to carry all of our bags! We got to the dorm and we all got to pick our rooms. I’m in a room with Jackie and Lisa. We are in a suite with Katie and Madeleine in one room and Riley and Taylor in another. I’m excited because we luckily have a refrigerator and a stove!
We went to lunch with our new Czech friends. Our director of the trip treated us to a nice meal. I had a cheese and mushroom skewer with potatoes. We all got beer and learned some new Czech words! All of us were laughing and being loud and an older man yelled at us saying, “would you please. Stop. Shouting!” So we finished up our beers and headed out.
After lunch we went back to the dorm and took a nap. It was nice to take a day off from the busy schedule we have been having. Once we woke up from our nap we got ready and decided to go to dinner at a place near our dorm. Maddy was doing her hair and all of a sudden she pulled out a plug and immediately shocked herself!
A man waved us over and told us to eat at this restaurant. The man came and talked to us and was informing us on some places around town. It was going well until he said, “oh sugar, those are nice!” We didn’t know what he was referring to until Katie felt his eyes burning on her chest. We all looked around feeling super uncomfortable. There was silence and stuttering as we tried to figure out what he said making it even more awkward as he tried to repeat himself. He said, “we are very honest here.” We prayed for him to leave ASAP but he tried to give us his address. (He said we could stay one to two nights maximum). How about zero nights? He left a moment later and we just laughed and talked about how awkward it was. After about 5 minutes he came back again giving us a second shot to try telling us that, “beer is recommended by doctors.”
We left dinner and went back to Kulatak, the restaurant we went to last night. We grabbed a beer and hung out here for a while. Tomorrow we’re taking a tour of downtown Prague. I’m excited to finally see the city where I will be living for the next four weeks!




One thought on “Culture Shock

  1. Well I hope that guy got the boot!!! ” sugar, those look nice”!!!! Ya whatever! Soo funny Claire, you are a good writer and I love it! Sound like amazing! Enjoy!!! Xo mom

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